Vol 12, No 8 (2014)

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GRADEing the Evidence in Systematic Reviews HTML PDF
Zachary Munn 1 - 2

Systematic Review Protocols

Effectiveness of using non-traditional teaching methods to prepare student health care professionals for the delivery of the Mental State Examination: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Rajni Parasuram, Jia Wang, Kum Eng Helen Joon, Chee Lien Poh, Huiting Xie 3 - 19
The effect of dietary sodium modification on blood pressure in studies of subjects with systolic blood pressure less than 140mmHg: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Jaimon Kelly, Saman Khalesi, Kacie Dickinson, Sonia Hines, Jeff Coombes, Alwyn Todd 20 - 26
Effectiveness of pro-forma use in the assessment of minor upper limb injuries for minimizing diagnostic error, inappropriate investigations, referral, mismanagement and suboptimal patient care: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Rick Wiechula, Iain Everett 27 - 37
Intravenous fentanyl analgesia with midazolam induced sedation +/- local anesthesia for short painful procedures: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Terrence A Leane 38 -51
The effectiveness of interventions to prevent or reduce Contrast Media Extravasations among patients undergoing computerised tomography scanning: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Sandrine Ding, Nicole Richli Meystre, Cosmin Campeanu, Gullo Giuseppe 52 -63
The effectiveness of therapeutic patient education on adherence to oral anti-cancer medicines in adult cancer patients 18 years and older in an ambulatory care setting: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Gilly Arthurs, Janice Simpson, Andrea Brown, Ohnma Kyaw, Sharon Shyrier, Catherine M Concert 64 - 77
The effectiveness of audit and feedback as a quality improvement strategy in residential aged care: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Patricia Margaret McReynolds, Zoe Jordan 78 - 89
Health professionals’ experiences of teamwork education in acute hospital settings: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Kylie Jane Eddy, Zoe Jordan, Matthew Stephenson 90 -105
Significant others’ experience of hospitalized patients’ transfer to home: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt, Mette Spliid Ludvigsen, Liv Fegran, Hanne Aagaard, Gabriele Meyer 106 - 115
Adolescents and young adults’ experiences of living with everyday pain: a systematic review protocol of qualitative evidence HTML PDF
Liv Fegran, Mette Spliid Ludvigsen, Kristin Haraldstad 116 - 126
The effects of coenzyme Q10 on women with breast cancer: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Megan Louise Mathews, Sarahlouise White, Yifan Xue 127 - 144

Systematic Reviews

Cerebral oxygen desaturation monitored by intraoperative near-infrared spectroscopy and incidence of post-operative cognitive dysfunction: a systematic review HTML PDF
Omar Daniel Lopez, Tim Gollaher, Dru Riddle 145 - 192
The experience of patients, families and/or significant others of waiting when engaging with the healthcare system: a qualitative systematic review HTML PDF
Leslie Rittenmeyer, Dolores Huffman, Chris Godfrey 193 - 258
Effect of doll therapy in managing challenging behaviours in people with dementia:a systematic review HTML PDF
Ritin S Fernandez, Bronwyn Arthur, Richard Fleming, Cecile Perrin 330 - 363
The diagnostic test accuracy of clinical swallow assessment for oropharyngeal aspiration: a systematic review HTML PDF
Marissa Romano, Tim Schultz, Andrew Tai, Sarahlouise White 259 - 329

Implementation Reports

Assessing the risk of falls among community dwelling older adults: a best practice implementation project HTML PDF
Holly Ann Whiting 364 - 393
Management of physical aggression in the dementia resident in an 18 bed secure dementia unit: A best practice implementation project HTML PDF
Carolyn Maree Rooney 394 - 410

The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, ISSN 2202-4433

The Joanna Briggs Institute
The University of Adelaide