Vol 12, No 7 (2014)

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Getting Evidence into Practice: Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger HTML PDF
Micah Peters 1 - 2

Systematic Review Protocols

The effectiveness of surgery for adults with hallux valgus deformity: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Jitka Klugarova, Victoria Hood, Fiona Bath-Hextall, Miloslav Klugar, Jana Mareckova, Zuzana Kelnarova 3 - 11
The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral interventions in reducing stress among nurses working in hospitals: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Annie Lai Fong Mok, Janita Pak Chun Chau, David Wing Keung Chan, Wan Yim Ip 12 - 23
The effectiveness of dexmedetomidine on respiratory adverse events, overall use of narcotics, and pain levels in perioperative patients with obstructive sleep apnea: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Cresilda Tumalad Newsom, Patricia Brennan 24 - 34
Quality of life among adults following body contouring surgery after bariatric surgery: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Jo Gilmartin, Fiona Bath-Hextall, Joan Maclean, Wendy Stanton, Mark Soldin 35 - 46
Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of anterior versus posterior approaches for thoracolumbar fusion in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
William J Cundy, Kandiah Umapathysivam, Craig Lockwood, Brian Freeman 47 -61
Routine culture based screening versus risk based management for the prevention of early onset group B streptococcus disease in the neonate: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Ella Sian Kurz, Deborah Davis 62 - 71
Women’s experiences of menopause: a systematic review protocol of qualitative evidence HTML PDF
Luiza Akiko Komura Hoga, Juliana Reale Cacapava Rodolpho, Bruna Goulart Goncalves, Bruna Quirino 72 - 81
Effectiveness of ketamine gargle in reducing the incidence of postoperative sore throat in patients undergoing airway instrumentation: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Jillian J Mayhood, Kayla M Cress 82 - 88
The effect of waterbirth on neonatal mortality and morbidity: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Rowena Davies, Deborah Davis, Melissa Pearce, Nola Wong 89 - 100
The clinical effectiveness and personal experience of supported standing for children with cerebral palsy: a comprehensive systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Jennifer Anne Freeman, Jonathan Marsden, Rachel Rapson, Bridie Kent 101 - 118
The effectiveness of allied health therapy in the symptomatic management of progressive supranuclear palsy: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Erica Tilley, Sarahlouise White, Micah Peters, Simon A Koblar, James McLoughlin 119 - 137
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ perceptions of quality of life and wellbeing and how they are measured: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Elaine Kite, Carol Davy, Odette Gibson, Katharine McBride, Alex Brown 138 - 147
The effectiveness of structured interdisciplinary collaboration for adult home hospice patients on patient satisfaction and hospital admissions and re-admission: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Rincy Joseph, Durline Brown-Manhertz, Stella Ikwuazom, Michelle Santomassino, Joanne Singleton 148 - 163
The experiences of mental health professionals' and patients' use of pro re nata (PRN) medication in acute adult mental health care settings: a systematic review protocol of qualitative evidence HTML PDF
Bernadette Morkunas, Kylie Porritt, Matthew Stephenson 164 - 172
Experiences of adults on dialysis and waiting for a renal transplant from a deceased donor: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Tania Burns, Ritin Fernandez 173 - 191
Multidisciplinary management of diabetic kidney disease: a systematic review protocol HTML PDF
Nancy Jospeh Helou, Andrew A Dwyer, Michel Burnier, Maya Shaha, Anne Zanchi 192 - 203

Systematic Reviews

Family-centered care for hospitalized children aged 0-12 years: a systematic review of qualitative studies HTML PDF
Robin Jennifer Watts, Huaqiong Zhou, Linda Shields, Marjory Taylor, Ailsa Munns, Irene Ngune 204 - 283
Effectiveness of intravenous tranexamic acid administration in managing perioperative blood loss in patients undergoing spine surgery: a systematic review HTML PDF
Jennifer Eileen Badeaux, Diane Hawley 284 - 314
Patient and family member perspectives of encountering adverse events in health care: a systematic review HTML PDF
Janice McVeety, Lisa Keeping-Burke, Margaret B Harrison, Christina Godfrey, Amanda Ross-White 315 -373
A comparison of treatment options for management of end stage kidney disease in elderly patients: a systematic review HTML PDF
Leanne Rosina Brown, Glenn Gardner, Ann Bonner 374 - 404
Factors influencing the provision of end-of-life care for adolescents and young adults with advanced cancer: a scoping review HTML PDF
Deborah Edwards, Judith Angela Kathryn Carrier, Elizabeth Gillen, Claire Hawker, Jo Sutton, Daniel Kelly 405 - 447
All-cause 30-day postoperative mortality for older patients in highly developed countries having elective colorectal surgery: a systematic review HTML PDF
Joanna Rae Sutherland, Suzanne Robertson-Malt, Cindy Stern, Alexander Engel 448 - 504

Implementation Reports

Behavioral modification of healthcare professionals in an adult critical care unit to reduce nocturnal noise: An evidence based implementation project HTML PDF
Lori J Delaney 505 - 520
Reporting and documentation of adverse drug reactions by health care professionals at a Kenyan public hospital: a best practice implementation project HTML PDF
Jarred Okoyo Nyakiba, Mark McMillan, Gloria Kenyatta 521 - 533
Insertion and management of peripheral intravenous cannula in the adult medical wards of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Center: a best practice implementation project HTML PDF
Jeya Devi Coomarasamy, Nyo Nyo Wint, Zurina Mohamad Saleh 534 -551

The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, ISSN 2202-4433

The Joanna Briggs Institute
The University of Adelaide